Acquiring a reliable and trustworthy house help

Acquiring a reliable and trustworthy house help

Acquiring a reliable and trustworthy house help/ nanny has got to be one of the biggest struggles the career woman faces in Kenya. In case you’re that woman, fret not because we, the Maids of Honor are here to make things easier for you.

Most households/ mothers find it hard to juggle housework, taking care of the family and at the same time balance their career or businesses successfully. In such situations, many are forced to settle for the below average house-helps, with no background research whatsoever all they can hope for is that the house- help turns out okay.

Maids of Honor was founded in 2015 by a single father who just like many parents struggled to get a great nanny who could take great care of his children while maintaining a household. Maids of Honor is an online platform and business model that provides the best quality pre-vetted house-helps for households across leading cities in Africa. The proprietary platform makes sure maids are seamlessly assessed, recruited, trained, onboarded and deployed into homes of employers.


With a Finders Fee, one gets access to the MoH database where you get to select your preferred maid. The MoH is then deployed to your home but remains an employee of MoH, a service fee is also charged on a monthly basis and deducted from their salary before payment. This salary is paid directly to MoH, we then get a minimal percentage of the service fee.

With MoH you’ll never have to worry about the nanny not reporting back after the December holidays or abandoning your children in the middle of the day without notice. We pride ourselves by providing employers with the best there is so you can go about your daily hustles.