Characteristics of A Good Nanny

Characteristics of A Good Nanny

  1. Loves Being the company of children

The main reason most people get a nanny is to take care of the children. A good nanny will immediately click with the children in a household no matter the age. Pay key attention to how she relates with them. Does she engage them whenever there playing? Does she have the child’s best interest?

  1. Is a good communicator

A good nanny will develop great communication skills between both parents and children. It’s important that she can relay and take in information well.

  1. A great nanny should be reliable

A good nanny should be able to take charge of a household when the owners are away. She should know when and what to do without having to be told. She should be able to fulfill obligations given to her without having to be reminded all the time.

  1. Respectful

Respect should be both ways, but the nanny should know that respecting the owner of the house goes a long way. Respect goes a long way and will ensure the relationship between her and her employer lasts long.

  1. Self-motivated

Just like any other career, a nanny shouldn’t have to rely on their employer on instructions every other day but should strive to work hard.

6. Patient

Children can be a handful at times and as a nanny, one is expected to have patience when dealing with them especially with toddlers who love throwing tantrums. She should be able to stay calm and collected to be able to handle a situation with ease.

  1. Trust-worthy

An employer should trust their nanny completely when it comes to funds, house management and keeping the house in order