Cultivating a Relationship With Your Nanny

Are you one of those employees who have a nanny in the house but have no connection or relationship whatsoever with your  nanny? You probably just say five or less words to her “good morning, Is food ready?” then you need to do better.

Most nannies love a cheerful and talkative employer who engages them once in a while, imaging living with someone in the same house and they have no clue of what’s going on in your life. How would it make you feel?

Creating a relationship with your nanny is easy, they too need to feel welcome into your house. Of course there are boundaries when it comes to how you relate with them, hope these few pointers help you two relate better.

Ask her about her day

We understand that you might have had a long day at work but asking your nanny how her day has been and lend a listening  ear might make her day a bit better in case she was under the weather. Listen to her, even for five minutes.

Appreciate her work

Many never realize it but nannies really do a lot of work around the house. Once in a while compliment her work let her know that what she is doing does not go unrecognized, even a simple ‘thank you’ will go a long way. In the case you have stayed with your nanny for quite some time, a simple gift would also be nice.

Pay her on time

No one wants to keep nagging their employer about salary every end month, most people find this irritating especially because they work really hard so as to have that pay check in time. Your nanny will always be happy around the house when she knows that her wages are paid in time, remember she also has bills to pay otherwise what would be point of working?

Include her in some family activities

Most families set a day aside to bond especially one with children. If it’s game night find a fun game that the nanny can play with your children, if it’s movie night it won’t cost you much to get her a ticket and have her accompany you and your kids to the cinemas. In the end it’s the little things that matter.

Address any issues before they escalate 

If you think your nanny needs to improve on a certain area and isn’t giving her best, address the issue early enough before things get out of hand. Talk to her in a respectful matter so that she knows you also value and respect her.

Respect her time

Nannies also need some time off from work, avoid over working her. Be reasonable when it comes to working hours, give her atleast a day off a week for her to rest and run her own errands.

Respect her personal space

Do not be all up in her business and if you can have a separate bedroom do so. This will ensure that she handles her private matters privately when she needs to. It’s also important to let her know of boundaries and not letting strangers into your home without your consent.