Easy Cleaning Tips For All Households

Stop shoes smelling with bicarbonate of soda

Shoes tend to have a bad smell if worn regularly and if feet sweat a lot, sprinkle a bit of baking powder to your closed shoes in-case you fell some bad smell coming from them. This will help reduce the smell immensely.

Use toothpaste to clean white sneakers

Toothpaste helps whiten the white parts of sneakers after wearing them for a while the white part will fade. Scrub with toothpaste and rinse off and bring them back to life.

Use toothpaste to scrub your pans

If you own aluminium pans that have lost their shine, use a little bit of Ketchup will help bring back their natural state.

Clean your chopping board with lemon

We use chopping boards to chop a lot of kitchen food from onions to tomatoes leaving them stained. Lemon not only leaves a natural nice smell and removes the stains.

Clean your toilet using coke

Yes, you read that right, you can use coca cola to clean your toilet bowl.  Just pour some coke into the bowl and let it sit overnight before scrubbing. Be sure it will leave your toilet looking cleaner.

Use dish washing liquid to clean your blender

Pour some dish washing liquid, some warm water and turn on your blender for an easy clean. This will ensure your blender is cleaned all through even areas one couldn’t access.

Use ice cubes to remove chewing gum from clothes

Wondering how to remove those chewing gum stains from your clothes? Simply roll an ice cube or two over the chewing gum on the cloth and pull it.

Unclog your shower head using vinegar

Pour some vinegar into a plastic bag and tie it around your shower head holes, leave it for a while and wipe it clean to remove the residue that had built up.