How to nurture a good, solid relationship with your Nanny

 How to nurture a good, solid relationship with your Nanny

Let’s face it, inviting a stranger into your house is hard, especially one that you need to entrust with your household and children. Many employers lack the basic skills of relating well with nannies, which leaves both parties in awkward situations.

As an employer, it is best to welcome your nanny warmly into your household and to make them feel as part of the family. That way she will feel appreciated and will reciprocate that towards your children.

Here are a few tips on how to create a great relationship with your nanny:

1. Treat Her Like Family

Make your nanny as comfortable as you can from day one, remember your little ones will always be under her care when you’re away. Once she moves into your house, she automatically becomes part of the family so try including her in most if not all family related events.
Get to know more about her, fill her in with details about your family but also remember there are boundaries like any other employer-employee relationships out there.

2. Appreciate Her

Let her know you appreciate the efforts she puts into making your house runs smoothly. A thank you, bonus or a simple gift when she goes for the holidays will always make her feel loved and can go a long way.

3. Let Her Know About Any Expectations from Day One

As an employer, it’s important to let your nanny know the expectations you have of her and all the do’s and don’t in your household. Have a clear job description and communicate all duties expected of her from the beginning and is possible to have a written agreement, this, in turn, will help avoid misunderstandings.

4.Have a Sit-Down With both Your Children and Nanny

Children can sometimes be a handful, have a sit down with them plus the nanny and make sure both parties know how to relate with the other. Have them know that they need to be respectful towards her and vice versa, this ensures that boundaries aren’t crossed at whatever point.