Pros of having/being a live in nanny

Pros of having/being a live in nanny

Are you considering getting a nanny but not sure whether you should get a live-in nanny? We have listed a few advantages of getting one which we are sure will be helpful the next time you’re searching for a caregiver

  • Convenient

Live in nannies are best when it comes to those nights you have to work late into the night or travel for business trips. You’re assured that she will be available even late into the night and early morning in such cases. The pro of having one is that you don’t have to doubt whether she will show up or show up late in the morning when you have to rush out.

  • Cost Effective

When it comes to saving on costs at home, live ins can be cheaper to have than day-bugs considering the employer might have to cater for transport cost in addition to their salary.

  • They can work longer hours.

It’s a known fact that nannies who live together with their employers work longer hours, most do not mind this if time never spills over to odd hours of the night/morning.

  • Cheaper for the nanny in terms of rent/food costs
    Basically, a live-in nanny will rarely spend money on food and or rent unless she has a family that she supports. This translates to her saving up.
  • They get to build a strong relationship with the family

Spending more time with the family they’re working for means both parties get to familiarize themselves with the other creating a longer lasting partnership.