Tips For Child Cleaning Safe Practices

Cleaning the house can be a task when children are around, especially if using cleaning solutions. These chemicals can be harmful to children hence why we should be extra careful when using them. Many ingredients found in this cleaning detergents could cause serious burns and poisoning.

When shopping for child-friendly cleaning supplies it’s important to always check the products are labelled as non- toxic.

Store Cleaning Products Out of Reach Of Children 

Whether harmful or not always store cleaning products in a place where children cannot reach them, better yet you can lock them in a safe place and store the keys somewhere.

Make Your Own (DIY)

You can always DIY when it comes to house cleaning detergents, this ensures you know exactly what it is you’re dealing with plus it’s much cheaper.


Diluting cleaning products reduces the severity in-case a child comes into contact with them, just be sure to read the instructions before doing so.


Always ensure the house is well ventilated when cleaning. Using some cleaning detergents in a poorly ventilated house might cause chocking or irritation to the eyes.

Rinse, Rinse, Rinse

Be sure to always rinse well any surface or cloth after using the cleaning detergents on them. Remember to also clean up any spills and wash your hands and any items used to dispense the products.

Avoid Storing Foods in Detergent Containers

Never use empty detergent containers for storage of anything meant for human consumption.

Educate Your Children

It’s important to educate your children about these products and the harm they can cause and what actions to take if they come into contact with them.