Tips To Consider When Hiring House Managers

Tips To Consider When Hiring House Managers

Hiring house managers can be hectic to employers especially if you have no clue on the kind of questions to ask during the interview process. Below are a few tips on questions to ask and warning signs to look out for before deciding to hire a nanny.

1. Their Background

Welcoming a stranger into your home is not as easy as many think considering you might be hiring someone you know nothing about. Doing background research might help you in the long run. Knowing a maids home city, village and even family homestead is an important aspect in the hiring process especially in an emergency case.
Cases of maids kidnapping children and some as bad as committing murder have been on the rise in Kenya, do not hesitate to do thorough research to avoid regretting later.

2. Have You Worked in a Similar Position Before?

Of-course you want to know the level of expertise the aspiring maid has and if so how long they have worked as a maid in their previous jobs. This will help determine the level of training they might need before starting their new job and how confident you are with leaving them behind.
Some maids might not have had previous experience but show determination to learn with time which is perfectly fine. This would also be a perfect chance to ask them why this career path.

3. Academic Qualifications

Parents with children especially those who would need help with homework after school are usually keen to know ones’ academic qualification. This might however vary with the employer as you might find a nanny who dropped out of school but great around the house.

4. Salary Expectations

It’s important for both employer and employee to agree on how much the nanny would be paid at the end of every working month/ working hours and days expected. Some employers might not be able to afford the minimum wage as expected so discussing this is crucial.

5. How Good are You With Children

Some people generally never know how to bond with children which may leave both employer and house-help in awkward situations. Nannies are not employed to help clean and tidy a household but to also bond and manage children. First Aid knowledge is also an important aspect especially if emergency cases arise then they would know what to do.

6. How Does Your Day Typically Look Like?

This will help you as the employer to gauge how good the nanny will be when it comes to time keeping and managing. Knowing what they love doing during off hours would also be a factor so as to get to know them better.