What to Include in a Nanny Contract

Searching and getting a nanny is one thing, drafting a contract for your nanny is another thing. A contract is one of the most important aspects when it comes to hiring a house manager as it clearly lays out what is expected of them.

As an employer the following are important points to consider when putting together an agreement for your nanny.

Names of employer and employee

Clearly indicate names of you as the employer and the nannies name. Be sure that you include both legal names of both parties. Be sure not forget to include a space for signing on the document.

 Pay/Salary Scale

State how much the nanny will be receiving at the end of every month, in-case they need to work overtime for any reason whatsoever include overtime rates. It is important to note that different cities have different minimum wages for domestic workers, and you should adhere to them

Dates of employment

Typically, all contracts have a beginning and end date and a nanny one has no exception. Lay out the dates and if any of the parties need to terminate the contract before it expires clearly indicate.

Work Schedule

Write down what and when the nanny should do while at work outlining the hours a day, she is expected to perform her duties. This helps in also determining overtime pay.

 Accommodation plans

For live ins accommodation is usually provided for by the employer. Most will have their nanny sleep in a separate room from the kids. Include any house rules if any to avoid future problems between the two parties.

 House Rules

Be clear on house rules, all dos and don’ts should be followed by everyone including your nanny. This ensures that there is minimal bumping of heads in the house and everyone lives in harmony.


In most households, domestic workers have benefits separate from their salary. This may include health insurance, holidays with the family, sick days, off days etc.     

Evaluation/probation period

Let your nanny know how many weeks or months she will work for you under probation before being confirmed. This will help evaluate how well she/he is performing and if there are areas that need to be worked on.

 A contract includes this and much more, Maids of Honor includes contracts and agreements for all our maids and hosts.