Why Us?

We’re pretty sure many of you have visited our website wondering who exactly Maids of Honor is, are they legit? Where and how do they operate and how good are their maids? Well wonder no more, we hope the information below will shed a light on our company.

We train the maids before deployment

we DO NOT deploy any maid to a clients home without having trained them. We conduct trainings at our centres where they learn and get to interact with our recruiters and trainers on a one on one basis.  We start training them on theory before practicals which happen in a home setup with stuff you would normally find in an average Kenyan house. They then go for their medical examinations and once cleared they are deployed.


Our maids are our employees

The maids that we deploy to your house are basically our employees who work at your home under both parties instructions. Our maids are provided with a contract before starting work at any of our clients houses, the client basically pays their salary to our bank account and we pay the maids at the end of every month. We manage all house maids deployed by making sure they know what they are meant to do and consequences they may face if any mishaps originating form their side occur. Basically, any issues that the client might be facing with the maid is communicated directly to us and we address the maid about them ensuring that you as the client focuses on the important things.

We personally deploy the maids 

Maids of Honor is not like a bureau where you go select a maid from a random place, pay and leave with the maid you want. We have a flow of events from the first contact time to the time she is deployed to start working. A member or two from our team deploy the maid right to your house along with contracts for both the client and maid. They then get to sit with both parties where everything is explained to detail ensuring that both are satisfied before leaving.

We do background research on the maids 

We ensure that we visit the maids homes before they start training, have one on one conversations with their relative(s) to ensure we have accurate information about them. We also ensure that we have contact details of atleast a next of kin, a previous employer(s) contact and demand for a certificate of good conduct from them before they are deployed. This helps us ensure the maid has a clean record.

Seamless Replacement Process

Clients can replace maids seamlessly just by the click of a button. Since we have and know your needs when it comes to the type of maid you want, replacement is easy and takes just a few hours/days.

Security is guaranteed
Loss and damage of property, maids taking off in the middle of the day unannounced  or failing to report back after their day off is unheard of with us. Our maids are also well trained on childcare and first aid guaranteeing security when you leave your children behind.